A “New” Ohlonean/Costanoan Variety: Ausaima

The name Ausaima is known in a variety of spellings to ethnohistorians and others interested in the California missions.  During a residency at the archives and special collections at Mission Santa Barbara, I was shown a photocopy of a manuscript from the Franciscan College at Zacatecas, the Franciscan center in New Spain from which the California missions were staffed.The title is “Doctrina California Por El V. P. Sarria y P Felipe Arroyo.”  The manuscript is known only from a photocopy made from microfilm that ended up in a file on American Indian languages at the Santa Barbara archives.  The language documented in this manuscript not only adds to our knowledge of California languages, but also gives us a view of the linguistic prehistory of coastal, central California as well.

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