Chalon and Rumsen Catechisms

Abstract:  Texts in Ohlonean/Costanoan languages are rare.  Two texts from the Mission period in Rumsen and Chalon (Ohlonean/Costanoan family) are presented with with the original text, in phonemic transcription, and with word-by-word glosses. along with the Spanish translations of the original manuscripts, annotated with references to other Costanoan languages.  Two shorter texts that accompany the Chalon text are also presented.  These two texts, along with published texts in East Bay Costanoan and Rumsen, shed light on vocabulary and grammatical variation in the southern geographic range of Costanoan (Rumsen, Mutsun, Chalon).  This language documentation makes it possible to recover major aspects of California prehistory (Shaul 2011a, 2011b).

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